Guide to Setting Up Forward Collision Warning System on Stellantis-Brand Vehicles

April 20th, 2021 by

How to Enable Forward Collision Warning in CDJR Vehicles
Part of a rather large suite of confidence-enhancing features available to car buyers this year, the Forward Collision Warning system can alert the driver to the potential danger of an oncoming collision ahead and intervene if the risk of impact is imminent. In this guide, we discuss the steps to enable (or disable) the Forward Collision Warning feature in Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicles.

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You can enable or disable the Forward Collision Warning feature when you select Settings on your Uconnect touchscreen, then select Safety & Driving Assistance.

Under Forward Collision Warning, you will be able to choose from three settings:

Off Deactivates the Forward Collision Warning system.
Only Warning Provides only an audible chime when a collision is detected.
Warning +
Active Braking Provides an audible chime and applies some brake pressure when a collision risk is detected.

You can also set the distance at which the Forward Collision Warning alert sounds by navigating to Settings > Safety & Driving Assistance > Forward Collision Warning Sensitivity. There will be three settings to choose from: Medium, Near, and Far. The video provided offers a visual walkthrough of how this system works as well as how to access settings.

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