How To Take Doors off a Jeep?

2022 Jeep Wrangler with Doors Removed

Have you ever wanted to know how to take apart a Jeep Wrangler? Many Wrangler owners can remember the first time that they saw one of these iconic vehicles cruising down the highway with the doors off and the top removed—and removing the doors from your Jeep is both perfectly legal and easy! As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better way to hit the trails.

How To Remove the Doors on a Jeep

Anyone can learn how to take the doors off a Jeep in just a few simple steps, but it helps to have a friend who can help you with the task. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fold in your sideview mirrors and roll down your windows to protect the glass.
  2. Remove the footwell under your dashboard or by your b-pillar, so you can disconnect the power cables that run to your doors.
  3. Lift the door straps off of their hooks
  4. Remove the bolts from each of the door hinges
  5. Slide the door off of the hinges and set it to the side.
  6. Now you’ll need to disable the door alarm. Start by putting on the proper safety gear and removing the negative cable from the battery. Then, open the fuse box, and use the diagram on the underside of the cover to locate the Door Jam Defeat fuse. Remove it with fuse clips or needle-nose pliers, and then reconnect the battery cable.

Once you have the doors removed, you’re ready to head out on the roads of Maplewood or Lake Elmo! Of course, it’s a good idea to lubricate the door hinges before you do. This will make it easier to remove and reattach your Jeep’s doors in the future.

How to Take the Top Off a Jeep

For the true open-air off-roading experience, you may also want to remove your vehicle’s roof! This is also possible, but learning how to take the top off a Jeep isn’t the kind of thing that most drivers will be able to do on their own. Even if you are able to remove all of the connections, getting the roof off of the vehicle and into a safe place can be very difficult. You may even damage the roof permanently, which might mean that you need to schedule repairs before you can put it back on!

If you want to take the top off your Wrangler, schedule service and let us take care of it!

Let Fury Motors Stillwater Help You Customize Your Jeep!

Whether you need help removing the doors from your Jeep or you’d like to pick up a few accessories for your next adventure, we can help. If you’ve been dreaming of an open-air drive but you don’t yet have a Wrangler to call your own, then look no further. We can help with that, too—and you can start exploring our new Wrangler inventory or explore more service and parts tips from your home in Stillwater or Oak Park Heights today.

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